Our Purpose

FDI leads global advocacy efforts to increase oral health literacy and achieve political commitment and action on oral health in all countries. The organization pushes for oral diseases, which threaten human health and well-being, to be recognized and addressed as serious global health concerns.

FDI fosters best practices in oral health science and education by sharing knowledge in preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment, and builds capacity through its own continuing education (CE) programmes, projects, awareness campaigns and policy statements. FDI also organizes congresses and publishes the International Dental Journal (IDJ) to advance the art, science and practice of dentistry.

FDI is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It works with United Nations (UN) agencies such as the World Health Organization, with whom it is in official relations, as well as other non-governmental organizations, international partners, governments, and corporate partners to improve the oral health of all people. Click here for more information.


Vision, mission & values

Vision: Leading the world to optimal oral health.

Mission: FDI is the global voice of the dental profession and works with its member organizations to improve the oral health of people worldwide.

Core values: FDI and its members share core values which are strong drivers for its continuing success.


The impact of oral healthcare on sustainability

Prevention is always better than cure and it is the most impactful and practical way of reducing the need for clinical interventions and their associated environmental impacts.

This is best achieved through the promotion of good oral hygiene, a healthy diet and the avoidance of smoking.

When treatment is required, oral healthcare also should focus on the provision of durable fillings, using high quality products and materials that will last longer and/or require fewer replacements. Click here for more information.